Will is an avid OU fan.  He always has been and stays true to his team even when they suck are having a rough season(s).  They were in the Fiesta Bowl against the Boise State Girlscouts Broncos and and OU was favored to win.  I normally don’t watch much football but I had this game on last night and I can’t tell you how sick I was of hearing “Can the little dogs hang with the big dogs?  Well, it looks like they are and some.  Har-dee-har-har.”  So, with one eye open, I muddled through the game into OT to watch OU lose the game to Boise State.  OU has been known to be a second  half team pulling out a win and I thought they would do it this time but not so.  Even I must say it was a good game – the last quarter of it, anyway. 

Sorry Sooners….at least you’ve got the Big 12 title