It’s back with a vengeance.  We have the crud.  All of us.  I had it last month after my Atlanta trip.  Miss O hasn’t been acting “ill” other than just turning down food, which she does when she’s teething  or she’s got a cold.  When I picked her up from school Friday there was a note saying her nose had run alot and she didn’t eat much.  I knew about the runny nose and her appetite kind of came and went.  Miss Jane said she knew she didn’t feel well because they had pizza and she usually cleans her plate.  Saturday she ate about a handful of Fr0sted Fl@kes, 4 or 5 crackers, a little bit of cheese and some croutons.  Will had drill last weekend and his unit had Family Appreciation Day Saturday afternoon so O and I met him and she rode home with him.  I made a couple of stops and was about 15 minutes or so behind them and as soon as I walked in the door he shouted at me to burn it all…her butt had exploded and he was having to deal with it.  Part of me wanted to giggle as he was hosing her off in the tub but the other part of me was angry because he scared the bejeezus out of me screaming at me. While he was hosing her off, I gathered up the poo-laden stuff and did a load of laundry on the sanitary cycle.   And it began.  Saturday evening we had our Sunday school class Christmas party and we all went to it and by the time we got home at 8 I felt like I was swallowing a bucket of nails.  I was miserable.  I put O down – after a major struggle – and crashed, too.  Sunday she and I stayed in bed all day long. Still no eats.  She would drink, though.  Last night was the first time my kid has thrown up in 9 months – other than a handful of car sickness. She woke up about 1 a.m. and I went and laid down with her and she asked for something to drink.  I gave her a cup of milk and thought since she was acting like she felt okay that maybe she would eat some Cherri0s so I got her some of those, too.  She drank her milk as we watched ‘rella (Cinderell@).  She put the first one in her mouth and thar she blew.  Two changes of sheets, blankets, pajamas for the both of us, she went back to sleep about 4.  Luckily Will is off today so he’s taking her in to be checked out.  At my last check up phone call she was boogying.  (is that right?)  Anyway, although she’s spewing from both ends, she doesn’t have a fever and she’s not acting sick.  Oh, let’s just keep our fingers crossed she fares well at the doctor’s this afternoon.

I’m on antibiotics.  Will is on antibiotics.  What will little chicklet get?  Hopefully not the case of pink eye one of the kids in her class has I found out about this morning.

Happy Monday World.