Olivia chatters.  Sometimes we can understand it.  Sometimes we can’t.  We can tell when she’s questioning something because she throws her hands up as to say “well?”  She was in awe of all the treasures at the toy store Saturday and we heard this new word/sound.  Will asked me what she was saying and I didn’t know.  It wasn’t one I had heard before  and she just kept saying it over and over.   Hmmm.  She was about 5 steps ahead of us and as she got to the end of the aisle, she pointed and screamed “EHMO” at a HUGE display of different Elmo toys.   We just looked at each other and wondered where she picked it up.  We don’t watch Elmo at home, she doesn’t own one and they don’t have one at school – at least I’ve never seen one and I’ve seen the war torn room at the end of the day and have even helped pick up.  She was saying it but I guess because it wasn’t something we were expecting to hear, our ears didn’t pick it up.  We aren’t Elmo people but I guess she’s about to change that but not without my kicking and screaming the whole way.  After all, I just bought two backup teddy bears.  Do kids have an Elmo-dar that allows them to know who he is?  Is it because he’s red?  Aye, yay, yay.  I.just.don’t.know. 

Can someone tell me how to slow her down?  She’s just growing up so freaking fast and I guess stay tuned to see if I cave and “Ehmo” shows up at the L household at some point.