to be back home.  Saturday Olivia and I hopped a plane to meet a long time e-pal (non blogger) who lives in Ohio (For the bloggy Ohio peeps – it was such a whirlwind trip or I would have emailed you all to gather for a meeting of the bloggy minds)  I “met” H just over a year ago when sent me an email because I had comments turned off on a post.  Come to find out, we were LID about a week from each other and we knew, we just knew, we would meet up in China and believe me when I say we had it all planned out.  Her agency managed to get consulate appointments the week before ours.  I was super bummed, as was she. 

Anyway, a few weeks back I asked her was she up for some company and she was!  So I booked my ticket and we would be off soon enough.  Will dropped us at the airport so I wouldn’t have to schlep O and luggage from satellite parking.  I had reading books, coloring books, triangle shaped crayons so they wouldn’t roll, stickers, 4 different kinds of snacks and drinks.  I had it all.  She did well on the trip up (it was only a 60 minute flight – hour and a half if you count sitting on the tarmac.)  She had slight issues towards the very end of the flight but no big deal.

H and her two daughters (both adopted from China) met me at the airport and after she “lei’d” me with a buckeye necklace, she chauffeured me around like I was a princess.  The whole world was there for me to choose from.  It was awesome to talk to this fabulous gal face to face and I loved every minute of it.  I got to go to my first real pumpkin patch – not the one that the farmer sets up on the road side. A real live people-were-picking-and-buying-pumpkins by the wheelbarrow full.  There must have been 150-200 cars there.  A true tradition in her town – and she says it’s a small one! Maybe not really that many but it sure seemed like it when they were all bunched up around you.  It was windy and one of the girls got a tweety bird painted on her arm by a  woman who had not one iota of personality in her body.  K thought it was the greatest thing and walked around for an hour with her shirt sleeve rolled up and even napped with her sleeve up.  After a long nap she asked was it dry.  How cute…

The girls played great together and her oldest son spent as much time away from all the girls as he could.  He is such a handsome fella who got to enjoy his first live Ohio State game Saturday and was beaming ear to ear when he and M got home.

H got the whole L family gifts.  My bag was loaded with picture frames, lavender bath smell goods, candle, chocolates for my pillow and fresh flowers in my room.  O got some neato Halloween goodies, some slippers and an Ohio State shirt.  Will got an Ohio State t-shirt and a bottle opener that plays the fight song.   While this was all a super nice gesture, there was a little ribbing in there, too.  See, weWill is a HUGE Oklahoma fan and last year for Christmas, I sent her kids OU t-shirts so she only returned the favor.  H: we appreciate your sense of humor  love them and may possibly will wear them for something with pride.  After all, who shouldn’t support a team who has an acorn for a mascot 🙂

It was hard to say goodbye.  She dropped us at the airport and O and I made our way to the gate.  She had been on super best behavior and I was hoping for an uneventfuly flight home. After all, I did have my loaded bag of tricks with snacks and there was stuff that was still “new” because we didn’t do it on the way there. (Thanks to Perrin about splitting the loot for each flight – great idea)  For this trip, though, all I gots to say about that is: HAH! and another HAH! for good measure.  It was like traveling with the devil himself.  O has never ever screamed like she did on that flight.  Since it was a commuter plane there wasn’t a whole lot of room to move around and the jerk beside me refused to move to one of the empty seats on the plane – even after O spit milk on him.  Fellow passengers were annoyed and I can’t blame them.  Hell, I’m her mother and I was annoyed with it.  I was hit, scratched, kicked, slapped, had my earrings ripped out and my hair pulled.  The lavatory was locked b/c it was still the “don’t get up” light was still on so  I couldn’t go in there screw that!  The only place I had to get up and go to was the back of the plane so I could sway left and right.  The people in the back row were great troopers and the guy next to the window actually retrieved my earring from between the seat and wall of the plane.  I was getting nasty looks from all over the place and then the one bad breath huffer whipped out a tuna fish sandwich on the flight!  Ewww!  Tuna stinks as it is but on a plane that is nothing but cattle class it was times forty.   After 20 minutes of screaming like I was ripping her toes off, she dozed off and I slinked back to my seat getting thumbs up from the  surrounding passengers. 

Then came the assvice:

  • “Give her something to drink so her ears will pop.”  Other than the one minute after we took off, she wouldn’t touch the cup and flung it to be retrieved later.   Surprise Sherlock, I thought of that.
  • “Feed her something.”   Look bitch, I have a grocery aisle of snacks including the little colored mini-vanilla wafers she fell in love with at H’s house that we made a special stop for on the way to the airport.  Not having it.  None of it.
  • “Maybe you should have brought something for her to do.”  Hmmm…why didn’t I think of that?  Wait, I did.  Wol Mrt stock went up Friday nite before I left.   She wasn’t having it.
  • (personal favorite here) “You should do something so she doesn’t cry like that again.”  Ya’ think?  I love holding a 24 lb. kid who has the upper body strength of ten thousand elephants. 

20 minutes  it started again.  She screamed so hard her face was purple and I just knew her eyeballs were going to pop out of their sockets.  I lost it and cried with her. The people stopped being mean I guess, in part, because they felt sorry for me crying.  When did she stop? After everyone else was off the plane.  Will met us in baggage claim and my arms were like jelly from holding her down.    She wouldn’t let him touch her – not unusual when she’s been a whole weekend with me.  She was good as gold all the way home, counted her toes (up to 3 and then number 6) and cooed and chatted with herself.  I took her out of the carseat and she flashed her “cheese” grin and gave me the biggest, best unprompted hug ever.  It wasn’t her fault.  I didn’t blame her but I sure felt helpless. 

It will be a LONG time before I fly solo with her again.  I desperately needed Will there to tag-team her like we do on other outings. 

We came home and we both went to bed at 7:30. 

Short weekend.  Fun weekend.  Hopefully we’ll get invited back to do it again.

Thanks F family for having us. It was a blast!