Some time ago we ran out of Bibsters and we use them so often I searched online trying to find them in bulk in an effort to save some money but couldn’t find them.  I found the plastic lobster type bibs in bulk but not Bibsters.  Once the wheels got spinning, I thought about dental bibs.  They would be perfect.  Afterall, they are disposable, plastic backed and will absorb liquidy messes.  No, they don’t have the catch-all pocket in the front but can be used long ways to cover the lap and could be cut in half if you have a not quite so messy kidlet.  Those coupled with the Kipiis clips and we were set to go. 

Will scowled at me when he came home and saw the case of, ahem, 500 sitting in the living room.  Once I explained it to him it all made perfect sense.  

The box of Bibsters costs around $5 every time we buy them….once a month or so and for $16.99 for the dental bibs, $11.95 for the bib clips and I’m in business once a day for over a year and a half.


PS The milk in the carton was her reward for pee-peeing in the potty 3 times at school and when we got home.