I haven’t posted before now because I didn’t want to jinx myself, and it may still but here it goes…

Like Johnny said in the comments of my seeking advice post, “she all growed up”. We still haven’t taken the front off the crib to convert it to a toddler bed for a couple of reasons.  The big one being Spacemom’s suggestion for a snugtuck pillow.  I love the thought of it and will get one but I don’t know if I want to get one now for the toddler bed or hold out until we turn her crib into a “big girl” bed.  For the past week she has been sleeping on the small air bed on the floor in her room.  It’s a twin size so there’s been enough room for me to lay down with her if I’ve needed to.  However, I can only manage for a very short amount of time as it’s quite uncomfortable.  I guess it’s different when you weigh 24 lbs. and are only 32″ tall and it’s easy to get to a standing position.  I usually end up almost crawling out to get help up off the floor.  But, I digress.  It is working out okay.  Sometimes she rolls off and will cry and all I have to do is put her back up there and she’s back to sleep.  We aren’t 100% yet but we’re getting closer every day.  This has given us a pretty good fix for now.   It also solves the issue of where’s she going to sleep when we go on vacation in December since the hotel we are staying at doesn’t have porta-cribs or pack and plays and we all know what a pain in the booty it would check one with our luggage.   

Now, moving on to the issues of potty time.  I know you’ve all been dying to read another good one.  I believe Olivia has finally gotten her “pee-pee” straightened out.  In the past she would tell us when her diaper was wet.  Over the weekend and twice tonight when she said “pee-pee” I put her on the potty with success.  I guess I’ll look into pull ups for school.  Since she’s in the early toddler class they don’t really do a lot with potty training but I think they will be more receptive if she’s in pull ups vs. a diaper.  P00ping is another thing.  She only goes in the potty if I catch her in the “p00p stoop”. 

I’m calling it a successful day as my little girl, who’s getting all big on me, has put herself to sleep with Teddy, her blanket and the blue pillow with next to no tears or whimpering.