Long post full of vent coming up…. 

I saw this post over at Thomas and Emma and felt J’s pain all too well.  I’ve had a few weeks of customer disservice and I’m ready to let it roll.

I am the plan administrator for my company’s health insurance and this year our old health insurance rates were going to go up about 21%.  Not good for a small company – or anyone for that matter.  So, I shopped it.  I found a group plan that had better coverage for less money than we had been paying.  Sweet.  I hook up with a local agent who services this company and we set the process going.  I’ve done this before so there was no need for her to schlep out to our plant and stop the guys in production to sign them up.  I’ll do it.  All ducks in a row and paperwork submitted for the September 1 roll over.  Done?  Nope.  After 6 revisions and some other paperwork all should be in order except the hamster who keyed  in our account can’t spell and can’t read.  I FINALLY get all insurance cards and packets at the office and go through to make sure everyone who showed up on the roster had a card and packet.  First thing I come across are three name spelled wrong – one is an everyday, common name of Brian.  So, I request new cards for these folks on September 13.  Today one of them shows up.  At least they are on the ball with that ONE.  Call to request the others again.  Second call to them in the beginning was to tell them they did not have our PO box and our physical location had no mail receptacle. Please change.  They can’t do that.  Why?  Because the app was filled out wrong.  No it wasn’t.  I know it b/c I did it myself.  So I pull my copy just to be sure before I wax one on the rep and she was wrong.  Apparently my new rep filled out an app for us initially and made the mistake so she screwed up.  15 minutes, 2 phone calls and a fax later it’s resolved.  Third problem was one employee was on my roster but no card was sent for him.  Dyslexic account keyer transposed numbers.  Thank goodness for “Mike” who fixed it without question only asking for a fax of the employees original app with the correct number.  Easy, thanks Mike.  So, 7 weeks after the start of our insurance roll over, it’s complete (I think).  Love, love, love insurance.

My second beef is with Xer0x.  We have a workcenter that is an all in one – print, copy, scan, fax.   We had a paper jam and when the paper was removed, it popped out the roller in the back that routes the paper to come out the front.  After trying for about 45 min to put it back myself, I call Xer0x for a service referral since it’s not under warranty any more.  It was only about $500 to start with so there’s not but so much money I want to put in to repairing it.  They give me the name of a company that is about 1/2 hour away.  I call them.  No, they are sales only.  No service but my new account rep for my area with them is an ex-Xer0x tech he should be able to help.  No.  Of course not.  We need our printer desperately so I call Xer0x to ask can they schedule  service for me.  Sure they can.  $238 for the first 30 minutes and $51 each additional 15 minutes.  Whatever.  I found a company more local who charged far less than that.  I tried to schedule the brain surgery repair last Wednesday and was told maybe Thursday but definitely Friday.  Thursday I call to see where we are on the repair schedule and I was told 1:30.  At 3:30 repair dude calls to tell me he is in a town 2 hours away (I leave at 4 and our office closes at 5) and would someone wait for him.  What?  I’m paying you $170/hr to come fix this beast – how much are you going to pay me to keep someone on overtime to wait for you?  Not going to happen.  Friday comes and go with no repair.  Finally our fuzzy headed repair dude shows up yesterday and tells us we really should pull the paper jam out from the leading edge.  Thanks buddy.  Just fix the freaking printer.  He showed up at 11:20, spent until 11:25 in the bathroom and then breaks out the ‘ol tool kit.  11:31 he’s finished.  He packs up.  Whoa, bud… not so fast.  I’m paying you for another 50 minutes.  Give the machine a once over and clean up under the glass for us – like your boss said you would.  You would have thought I was plucking his eyebrows the way he glared at me.   He huffed and puffed and pulled at his hair but he did it.  He finished up at 12:17.  I was late leaving for grazing but it was sooo worth it.  Oh, the angst of a copy repair man.  Sorry, dude but I needed to get my money’s worth. 

Ahhh…much better.  Thanks for letting me vent.