In July Will changed jobs. He was originally hired in a management trainee program but then was offered the job of driving a truck (I know, opposite ends of the spectrum). He thought it would be interesting and it meant no weekends so he took it. He got his CDL permit about two or three weeks ago and has been driving with a guy who is training him in the position as it’s more than just truck driving. (He has to have a CDL licensed driver in the truck with him until he gets his license-like a learner’s permit for the rest of us) This week Will is training a new guy and is on his own without his usual trainer guy with him – this new guy has his CDL but needs to learn the job. (I’m so tickled they gave him a trainee while he’s still in training himself. Way to go Will!!) Anyway, I got a phone call this morning and it was Will asking where I was because he called my office and I wasn’t there. I had stepped out for a minute and was on my way back and it just so happened Will was passing through town on his way to his next stop. As I pulled in the turn lane, I saw the big red truck rolling towards me and I grinned from ear to ear. I rolled down my window and stuck my arm out and waved like crazy at him. Then he did it…He honked at me. I can’t describe it and don’t know why but it gave me the giddiest feeling. That was him…my truck driving, roll on 18-wheeler husband.