Tongue, gums and fingers. Olivia has her first “real” illness from school…She has hand, foot and mouth disease and it’s taking a toll on us.  

Friday evening when I took O’s shoes off, I noticed some itsy, bitsy red spots on the top of her foot but didn’t think too much about it since I had just taken her shoes off.  She was her normal little self and I put her to bed without problems.  Saturday morning, bright and early, I got up and headed to the mountains for some fun with Shannon, Shannon and Deb.  (It was a blast, girls!)  Will called me and told me O had a little rash on her thigh and I told him what to put on it since she had rashes before.  By the evening it had not gotten any better but it didn’t get any worse, either and she wasn’t acting like she felt bad.  Sunday when I got home, he showed me her rash.  Oh, my goodness.  It was the most unsightly thing I had seen in a long, long time.  The rash was now covering her tushie, fingers, ears, and feet.  There was no fever and she wasn’t scratching at it.  She opened her mouth and I saw the blisters on her tongue and I figured it was HFMD but I called my SIL since I knew at least one of my nieces had it when they were small.  O had all the symptoms and S told me what she did for the girls.  O wouldn’t drink from her sippy cup so I gave her some yogurt drink in a cup with a straw and she drank about 4 ounces of it. Her doctor’s office worked us in today and he confirmed it.   We didn’t notice a fever mainly because she has been on Tylen0l for teething so that had helped to keep it down.  Now she won’t eat.  She won’t drink.  She did muddle through two popsicles this evening.  Iced drinks don’t work.  Yogurt doesn’ work.  Nothing worked and it took over an hour to get her to eat the popsicles.   She wouldn’t sleep this afternoon for her nap unless I was holding her.  She wouldn’t sleep tonight unless I held her.  Finally, after and hour and a half I was able to put her down.   As of this evening her rash is still there – looking a little better and it is starting to blister up.  Luckily it’s not an itchy rash but the ones her hands concern me the most becauseof rubbing her eyes.

I hate the feeling of being useless.  I hate that my baby feels bad and there is nothing we can do because it is viral…only treat the symptoms.  So we are alternating Tylen0l and m0trin and making a paste of Ben*dryl and Maal0x to put on the sores – it should numb them so she will feel comfortable drinking something.   She can’t go back to school until at least Thursday and her doctor said it could get worse before it gets better.  Let’s hope not. 

I’ll post my weekend update in a few days.   It was a hoot and I have never laughed until I was hoarse before.  Great, great time had by all.