O has never had a lovey or stuffed animal that she totes around.  She only would have a blanket to hold onto as she went to sleep.  As a matter of fact, she’s never liked stuffed animals or dolls that belong to her and the only ones she would come close to playing with are Pom Pom’s when they play fetch.  That has all changed over the past couple of weeks.  She started off wanting a blanket (not any specific one, just a blanket) so usually it’s the one that she had in her crib and she would hang on to it while getting dressed for the day and she would leave it behind.  She has her bag we take to school and it has a blanket in there and it is always in the car so I don’t forget it.  On car rides she started wanting to hold onto it.  So now there’s a car blanket, a school blanket and then one in her crib.  Must.have.easy.access.  Then there’s the sippy cup.  She has her cup of milk at night before bedtime and last Sunday night she would not go to sleep unless she was holding her sippy cup.  I thought that she was being allowed to nap with it at school and they were letting her hang on to it, which is something I don’t do and won’t do…she does not sleep, or has ever slept, with a cup or bottle in her crib (I asked and they don’t). Okay, moving on.  O hasn’t been feeling all that well over the past week and a half so I figured since she felt bad that these would bring her comfort and it would pass.  Not so.  Last night she settled in with her cup, blanket and her teddy bear,Teddy.  Teddy was a gift to O from a customer of mine and he has been in her crib since we got him back in April or May.  She never really wanted anything to do with him and she would leave him alone until last night.  Once she drifts off, I pry the cup from her hand and she sleeps all night with no problems.  This morning I got her up and she got her blanket.  I put her down and she started saying “taybear” – which is her word for her teddy bear.   Usually after she gets dressed, she drops her blanket and we move on with our day.  Nope.  We finished our morning routine and I was gathering our things for the day and she left both Teddy and the blanket in the kitchen.  I wasn’t about to pick them up to start over.  She put her shoes on and stood by the front door and screamed.  It took me a minute to figure out what was wrong so this morning O went to school with two blankets, Teddy and her sippy cup.

I’m guessing it’s a phase.  One thing I was steadfast on when we first became a family was to rotate bottles and sippy cups and blankets.  I did this so if we were ever in the position of needing to replace something while we were away from home and we couldn’t find her exact one, she wouldn’t have any kind of aversion to something new.  (knock on wood) So far so good.  But, since Teddy is the only one of her stuffed animals she will have anything to do with, I ordered two replacements this morning just to be on the safe side.