and so it shall be had.  Cyndi Lauper said so.  However, it will be sans brightly colored mongo frizzed hair, holey tights, and the rest of the funky 80’s garb – at least for me it is.  Can’t speak about the others until I see them 🙂 

 I’m heading out this weekend with Shannon1, Shannon2 and Deb up to the mountains of NC to stay in a nifty house that Shannon1’s stepdad grew up in. It’s going to be lots of fun and I’ve been looking forward to it for sooo long. 

(Will thought this post would read:  “Please, please, please take care of my baby.  Feed her, keep her clean and have her match when you go out.”  Now…Will hasn’t quite mastered making sure she matches but he’s a fantastic father and I know he’ll feed her, water her, and let her graze when the times come.  He takes great care of her while I’m gone places so the worries are minimal-  just kidding!)