It’s been a week of Mondays – even though Monday was a holiday, I guess I got bit twice on Tuesday.  After a rough day, a sick chicklet and nerves that were wound so tight my head should have blown off, I headed out to get her some vapor bath and I came across these.  Oh, they were delish…so delish, in fact, I had the pack of four eaten before I got out of the parking lot.  Sad isn’t it?  BUT it did make me feel better and that’s what’s important, right?  Now, I just need to remind my brain it’s not okay to sooth myself with food.  My jeans don’t like fitting that tight. Or is it my hips and thighs that have the problem with suffocation?  Either way it’s a no-no.  O felt better after her bath and for whatever the reason, vapor rub on her feet inside her footy pajamas (or with socks) works to open her up – I’m sure the body heat “activates” it but her on cute little tootsies?  Who knows.  It’s the oddest thing but we do it and it works for us so I don’t question it.  The cookies brought me to a happy spot and those together brought the L household to an almost zen-like state.