I’ve gotten this question quite a bit lately and I’ll throw my answer out here.  I toyed with it for a while and while I can say it’s for Olivia, it’s really for me – not the everyday stories but her pictures.  There was a blogger mom who had some creepy blogger swipe the pics off her blog and post the child as her own.  So, it kind of creeped me out some.  Then I was checking my blog stats one day and looked to see how people found me.  Some weirdo g00gled “girls in mini sh0rts” and it pulled up my Chuck-E-Cheeze post.  Yikes! That reaffirmed my decision.  People have found me other ways by searching “mosquito bite” or something like that but never something I deemed as freakishly weird.  I’ve never really had a concern about people stealing my child’s pic or anything of that nature and as I’ve mentioned before, we’ve been fortunate to have gracious guests who don’t leave a lot of negativity here, which is why to chose to not go totally password protected.  But that super duper creeped me out and so all of O’s pics will be password protected because I don’t want to think that somewhere out there is some perv thrilling his cookies looking at my girl.  Also, there are some looming things in the L future that I may want/need to post about but not want the entire free world to see. 

On a happy note – aren’t all the new referrals just as cute as they can be?  So are the ones on their way home soon.   Perrin and family are enjoying their newest addition making them a family of four.  Mark and Stephanie are loving life with their kidlet.  Our best to all of them!