Saturday my nieces, S&C, were in a fashion show and O and I went to see them.  There were some local vendors set up where you could buy things and some brand name booths were there ,too.  I had O dressed in a cutie pie dress with some green shoes we bought in China.  She had her hair up in piggies and she was on her game.  People were commenting on how cute she was and she was doing her pageant wave and throwing out her best “BYE” with that oh, so cute southern accent.  Then it happened and I became speechless.

We were walking past the O1l1ly table and the two gals staffing it were commenting on how cute O was, blah, blah, blah.  Then the conversation went like this:

Her: Where did you get her outfit?

Me: Gymb0ree.  (She was wearing the navy blue dress with the frogs at the bottom of it)

Her: Oh.  I don’t remember frogs being in the spring/summer collection. 

Me: It’s not.  I bought this back in February for her.

Her: Oh, so it’s from fall ’05?  Well.

Me: Actually, she has it in a 6-12 month, which she’s outgrown.  12-18 mos for now and 18-24 mos to grow into because I thought it was so cute. (BTW, they were like $8 each!)

Her: What about her shoes?

Me: We bought those in China. (they are green squeaky shoes with the squeakers removed)

Her: Hmmm.

She walked away.  That was the end of it. 

I didn’t know what else to say.  She caught me so off guard.  Here we all were at this fashion show to support a charity and we were walking through and she stopped me!!  Now, I know not everyone is this way and, to be honest, she was the only one I encountered at the show – or ever – who reminded me that my kid’s clothes were from two seasons ago.  My goodness, she’d flip if she knew the other half of her collection was from  *gasp* a consignment sale.  Oh, how her head would spin if she knew that O’s stroller is a Peg Pereg0 from the – hold on to your hats – 2004 line. *shell shocked*

I couldn’t believe it.  The comments about O being from China I can handle, maybe because I prepared for it.  Never in a bajillion years would I have guessed my toddler’s outfit would have been used to make me feel like a bad mother.  Maybe it wasn’t her intention but she was quite rude.

Who cares what season it’s from.  Wait until you see her in Fall ’07 wearing the super cute turtle overall outfit that I bought in Feb. ’06 from the fall ’05 collection because she’s too short to wear it now. 

I know, I’m shameless….making my child wear collections from seasons past.  She’s got to learn humility from somewhere.

Give me a break.  She looked cute.  She is cute.  My kid always looks her best (unless her daddy dresses her – and even then she looks good, she’s just mismatched).   I’m a good mom  and keeping up with the tot trends isn’t what defines that.  I’m also a budget shopper who loves a good end of season sale.  Heck, who doesn’t?