Riveting, huh?  Olivia and I got home today and as usual she followed me down the hall and since she was wet and we were going for a diaper change anyway, I went ahead and put her on her potty and guess what…Yep.  She went p00p again.  There was no p00p face and she had already done her normal amount of business for the day but we got a bonus one. 

Of course you know I didn’t have my liner in because I didn’t expect her to go.  As to what I will be using as a liner in her potty .  I had bought diaper sacks for China but I never used them.  They are a perfect fit, slightly powder scented and have handles that tie for easy disposal.  I actually have some generics I picked up at the dollar store…they were 100 for a buck.  What a bargain. 

Okay on to a question.  While looking for a link to put in for the potty, I noticed the “star” ratings for these things.  Wow.  First the choices for a potty are overwhelming then coupled with the ratings on them?!?  Glad I didn’t over research it and only had 4 to choose from at the store the night we bought hers or it’s highly possible we wouldn’t have one.  The one star ratings I read on potties a 1? a 5?  I read about issues with boys and there was one review (yes, I read the reviews.  I wanted to see what made a 1 vs. a 5 star rating).   In my eyes, they are all pretty much the same except each manufacturer has its own spin on them. Some are one piece, some chic, some with whistles and bells and others just for boys.  I guess we lucked out on our first eeny-meeny-miny-mo pick and O uses it.  I would give it 5 stars hands down.  Especially given the fact it catches what it’s supposed to, doesn’t leak and one day it will double as a step stool so it will make her tall enough to reach something.  I can understand boys and splatters.  But, again, they’ve got it covered.

Anyway…we are so doing the potty dance tonite.  We aren’t pushing it* just making it available.

* That one’s for you Gen