Last nite while I was putting O down the doorbell rang. I heard Will talking so I thought it was one of our neighbors we usually talk to. I asked him who it was and he told me the kids from across the street selling stuff for school. Wow, already? So I asked him what they were selling this week. Chocolate. I’m thinking the $2 Hershey bar with a $5 coupon for a local restaurant. It’s not spectacular but it’s for the kiddies and it’s chocolate. Nope. The little darlings are peddling G0diva chocolates. I didn’t see their catalog but he said the least expensive box was $32.95. Whoa. Now, I love chocolate. I really, really do and I like G0diva but not at $32.95 for the tiny box. I’m waiting to see if the wrapping paper campaign has a line of 24kt gold scotch tape. Sorry kiddo..can’t help you win your walkman this time around.