On July 29 a business acquaintance lost his 26 year old son in a motorcycle accident when he lost control of his bike. I have never met this man in person and know him only through business and I had never met his son. Often times those we deal with via email and phone calls become a part of our world as those we see face to face on a regular basis. His story broke my heart. The call came into our office from a salesman who handles their account. It was heartbreaking and when I called their corporate office for service information, the lady I spoke with cried and I cried with her. Although they are in IL and his son lived in TN, he was still a part of their extended family.

It took me several drafts to compose a note to send to the family. I wrote the final after putting Olivia to bed last night. As I sat in the rocking chair with her on my shoulder rubbing my arm it was reaffirmed what my mom has always said, “Until you have children, you will never know the love a parent feels.” She’s right. While I’ve never suffered a loss such as his, I’ve just recently been blessed with the chance to learn the love a parent has for their child(ren). It is the greatest love I’ve ever known and I can only begin to imagine the love his heart and soul holds for his son and the heartache that follows it after losing his son after 26 short years.
I have a keyring I bought when Will went to Iraq and I still carry it. It has the following scripture on it:

“I will be strong and courageous. I will not be terrified or discouraged, for the Lord my God is with me wherever I go.” Joshua 1:9

It brought me, and still brings me, peace when I need it. It was a token that kept me strong when I thought I had been challenged to the far depths of my being.

There are no words to erase hurt and grief. I can only pray they have the strength and guidance they need to get through this trying time and that peace fall upon their aching hearts.