We have completed our first post placement visit.  It was supposed to be last week but he called to reschedule at the last minute.  Yep, our social worker is a he – well the one who does our home visits. We cleaned.  We scrubbed.  We cleaned.  We dual protected cabinets with safety latches.  I made sure the fire extinguisher hadn’t gone bad.  We cleaned.  O had a bath so she was smelling all good and we put her in a cute pair of pj’s because his visit was at 7 pm and her bedtime is 7:30.  She was on her game.  She correctly identified all her body parts and performed other toddler tasks on demand.  How awesome was this?  He asked basic questions about her development, likes, dislikes, etc. and got up to leave.  What?  It’s over?  All this work I did and that’s it?  He sat in the recliner and Pom Pom sniffed his shoe while he asked a handful of questions.  My kid performed like a champ and you’re leaving?  You aren’t even going to look at her room that is stocked with every toy in the world?  You must.  So he checked out her abode and made some notes.  Why are you making notes about her room?  Is there something wrong?  Nothing – I mean nothing – was out of place.  He then looked at me and said, “China will want to know what you are doing to help her learn about her culture, etc.”  Well, I had to break out the flash cards we bought in China.  The transportation sets show cars such as the Bentley, spaceship, Porsche – all things a tot must know.  The animal set shows a hedgepig – I guess hedgehog doesn’t translate.  We have the “traditional” Chinese dresses and even had our picture made in matching ones together!  We have porcelain, silk, chops, chopsticks, art  from her province, squeaky shoes, etc.  We have a lot of stuff.  He glances around her room looking for the art.  We have it but you know my aversion to holes in the wall.  Maybe by the next post placement. 

We said our goodbyes and then he whips out his invoice for his roundtrip visit to us.  $85.37.  Like the first check I sent wasn’t enough to cover it.  But, she’s ours for another six months and my house is clean.