So, I’ve read about them for eons.  My mom has several pair and so do some of my trusted bloggy buddies.  I normally don’t jump on bandwagons or crazes but I did this time.  I just got my first pair of Mary Jane Crocs.  I know they’re ugly.  But, they are oh, so comfy!  Wendy and Danny wore theirs when we went rafting.  Shannon wears them all the time as well as some other bloggy pals.  So I bought them.  I love them.  Not crazy about the way they look but comfort wins out.

Olivia has been to time out; at school and at home.  Let me back up, when we were in Chongqing everyone referred to our girls as “spicy girls*” because of their tempers.  Chongqing used to be part of the Sichuan province and the food there is extremely spicy; hence the nickname for their little girls (Hunan girls are also referred to as spicy girls).  Anyway, everywhere we were in China, including Guangzhou, when we said where she was from, all the Chinese people would say, “Ahhh, spicy girl.”  They’re right.  Dead on.  She’s got quite the temper and isn’t afraid to use it.  So anyway, she doesn’t like time out, what kid does?  But, it is extremely effective. 

She has officially moved up at school.  They are no longer napping in the pack and play but on cots.  The first day she didn’t like it but has done well ever since.  It’s a pretty small class so their is only one teacher.  I was talking to Ms. Jane (who started off as her first teacher and moved up, too) and I love the fact I can see in her eyes how much she loves O and the other kiddies.  It makes it a lot easier to leave your child with someone who loves her and someone she loves. 

It’s hot here – just like everywhere else.  We’re tired of being hot.  When we had our air conditioner fiasco a couple of weeks ago, we found out the duct work (?) in the attic wasn’t insulated properly.  Nice.  So Will spent last week doing that.  The air is much cooler now and hopefully my power bill will go back down. 

Other than that, we’re still moving along at the speed of life and it’s not slowing down any. 

*There is nothing negative about this.  It’s no different than saying you have a feisty kid or that your kid climbs like a monkey.  No, they’re not a monkey…you get the point.  Those of you who have referrals from one of the “spicy” provinces will hear it oodles while you are in China and you’ll grin when they tell you…especially with the accent.